Behind the Scenes in Folkestone

One thing we have learnt about running your own business is you have to constantly adapt! Way back in March we got together (via Zoom of course) with the amazingly talented Sophie Ward.  Sophie’s positive typography, especially during these trying times, was a perfect fit for Smith Webb and we were eager to collaborate. Thankfully she agreed and together we have created a collection centred on embracing a joyful approach to life which is ultimately based on her best selling 'Happy House' print.

The rest should be easy, right?…. We met with a printer in lock down and as the weeks slowly ticked away we weren’t 100% sure if this design would ever make it off the drawing board.  Finally in May we got the go ahead to print and thankfully all was back on track.

With the stock due at the end of May, we started to plan a photoshoot - a little bit tricky as lock down was still fully in force!  Thankfully we have the most patient photographer and partner's and as soon as we could travel we booked in Victoria Cadisch and Daddy Day Care  at the same time.  Our photographer Victoria is based in Folkestone and not wanting her to travel we decided this would be our shoot location, and what a location it was!

The print run ran behind and we received our new designs 6pm the night before the shoot!!  Setting off at 6am the journey should have taken 11/2 hours…except the Dartford bridge was closed which doubled the time - arriving late and with lots to shoot we got to work straight away.

Folkestone is just the perfect location. From the beaches, art installations that provided the most beautiful pastel hues, Lower Leas Coastal Park and even an amphitheatre.  Everywhere we turned was a photo opportunity.  With British weather holding out we really experienced Folkestone at its finest.

This was Caroline's first photo shoot and it's fair to say she took everything in her stride. Not just having to walk miles laden with bags of products, having the choice of only one open public toilet and the pressure of remembering everything that needed shooting, whilst smiling for the camera - she nailed it!

We managed to get everything shot by 6pm and we packed up the cars and took our slightly sunburnt eyeballs back to Essex.

A big thank you to the endlessly talented Victoria Cadish who with out the help of a make up artist or hairdresser managed to captured some awesome shots. 

We really hope you like the collection & the sentiment behind it.

We may have also made a cheeky little playlist to go alongside the pics.

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