School Of Kindness - Jaime Thurston

52 Lives...Changing Lives and Spreading Kindness In 2013, a young mum took her children and fled. Her partner was violent, and she feared for their safety. They slept in a friend’s garden shed for a little while, before getting a more permanent house. But the floors were all broken and had nails poking through. She decided to post a Wanted Ad on a website to see if anyone had any rugs they could give her. That little ad started a global movement of kindness. You see, I saw her ad and my friends and family ended up helping that young woman with all sorts of things for her house. The day I delivered them, she was in tears, and it...

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Things that have got us through lockdown part 459!!

Consciously investing in our own well-being in order to get through this time of quarantine and high tension. What have we learnt about ourselves is that anyone can surmount anything but it takes courage & determination. We thought this handy little guide might come in handy to anyone who wants to focus on staying well. 

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Behind the Scenes in Folkestone

One thing we have learnt about running your own business is you have to constantly adapt! Way back in March we got together (via Zoom of course) with the amazingly talented Sophie Ward.  Sophie’s positive typography, especially during these trying times, was a perfect fit for Smith Webb and we were eager to collaborate. Thankfully she agreed and together we have created a collection centred on embracing a joyful approach to life which is ultimately based on her best selling 'Happy House' print. The rest should be easy, right?…. We met with a printer in lock down and as the weeks slowly ticked away we weren’t 100% sure if this design would ever make it off the drawing board.  Finally in May...

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Help for Veterans

When a member of the British military retires from active service and returns to civilian life, the adjustments required can be significant. Unmarried soldiers with no children may have no dependents, but if they have been serving overseas the idea of finding a new home via a private let can be somewhat daunting.

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Anxiety and Me - Lillie Farrow

I don’t think I was aware of mental health until about 3 or 4 years ago. That statement in itself is just absolutely mental in itself. I think now when we are surrounded by people who talk/campaign/blog/share their mental health stories I can’t help but question why it wasn’t on my list of things that I should be thinking about and taking care of daily. Social Media has a lot to answer for. It has created a career for me that I didn’t even know existed, it has created friendships and connections that I value, allowed me to feel less alone when I am feeling my worst... I would say it is probably the reason I know more about my...

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