It's OK - Shell Mill's story

When @smith_webb contacted me about getting involved with their #itsok campaign with @mindcharity I just had to show my let’s break down the stigma and talk about mental health. 
It’s so hard as a Mum not to feel like you should be able to do it all. There’s so much pressure to be the best mother, best wife/partner, keep a home and work but what I’ve learnt is to be the best me some things have to give. 
I’m not one to talk as I always want to do it all myself and I like to feel in control of everything but in reality when I take it all on I just feel like I’m sinking. 
It’s so hard to admit ‘No, I’ve not got this!’ ‘Yes, I do need help!’ Yet it’s something that I and I’m sure many of you are screaming inside so why is it so hard to admit we need help? 
If anything we will be better all around just by accepting help! 
I didn’t make any health resolutions this year although ironically the 
resolution I did make will effect my mental health. I decided to ‘try’
(and this is something I have to make a conscious effort to do) 
to not stress the small things. I can’t do it all I need to accept that so if my house isn’t perfect and the littlies have the odd slightly unhealthy meal then the world will not end. 
If I need to just say please can I just have a walk on my own then I have to do it and work on being a better me for my littlies. 
What with work, family life and Valli still breastfeeding all night so 21 months of sleep deprivation people comment saying they don’t know how I keep going. I’m hanging in there but if I am struggling that’s ok, there’s help out there so if you need help ask! Look after yourself, you don’t have to suffer.

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