Running, Anxiety & Me


I love running.  I always have, ever since my teens, and I ran my first marathon in my very early 20’s.  But little did I know how much it would help me with maintaining good mental health as I got older.  It was my go-to whenever I felt stressed, it was my medicine.  There's something about being outdoors (treadmills just don’t cut it) - fresh air, getting out of breath, that makes you forget what you were worrying/ angry/ stressed about.  Some people run with friends.  I prefer to run alone, because I put my earphones in and zone out.  It’s my sanctuary.  I am a worryier at the best of times.  I worry – a lot.  I over think, and I over analyse, and I then over think a bit more.  And then by the time I’ve catastrophised the whole thing, I’ll worry about that too.  Running stops me thinking - even if it's just for a while - and for me that’s great. 


I’ve run a few marathons now, because long distance is my thing.  The longer the better.  Maybe I will go onto ultra’s one day, but for now I will stick with the marathons.  There is a feel good factor to marathons – the race itself, and for me being able to complete the race in a time I want, but also that you might be raising money for a charity, there are people cheering you on and wanting you to do well, the medal at the end……..there is just such a buzz.    


But mainly it’s just me, a pair of trainers and some earphones, pounding the streets. 


Quite literally without a care in the world. 

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