Things that have got us through lockdown part 459!!

It's been a while since we last last posted a blog. In fact I think it was the very first time we were placed in lockdown! We wanted to check in with everybody to see how they are coping with this challenging time. 

We learnt so much about ourselves during this time. Our biggest truth is that with  courage & determination you can pretty much do anything!

We thought this handy little guide might come in handy to anyone who wants a few tips on staying well. 

Stay active - even if it's just a long walk or some gentle stretching exercises. Having a dog means there is no excuse, we HAVE to go our for at lease one if not 2 walks a day even if we don't feel like it. I have to say on a cold rainy morning this is never a great prospect, however we always feel better physically & mentally once we return home. It gives us time to think, focus on our breathing & clear our heads.

Self care - And no it isn't selfish taking 5 minutes to focus on your self for a little treatment can do the world of good. It could be anything from washing & blowdrying your hair, learning to give yourself a foot massage, or cooking yourself a hearty healthy meal. Caroline has subscribed to one of those recipe box subscriptions as she was getting bored of cooking the same meals every week. It's been a game changer for her.

Trying new things - this is the perfect time to switch things up. A new type of exercise, hair style, face massage, a different perfume, a change is as good as a rest.

Home stuff - Your home environment can have a huge impact on your mental health. Decluttering and treating yourself to a nice magazine, a candle, doing a bit of light maintenance to your decor. It all helps.  We have got into the habit of having a major declutter of an area of the house once a week, it's been a habit we really want to continue with.

 Clothing - Make the effort even if it's just for yourself. Our key pieces have been, good walking trainers, a water repellent puffa, a good beanie, and endless supply of joggers & sweatshirts, a good sports bra, some cute socks & a lush dressing gown.

 Music- for both of us it's an absolute must have. we've made ourselves some different play lists. some chill out ones, some uplifting Friday night party onesTo listen to  what tunes we've been enjoying this month click here

Podcasts - our favourites include

Table manners

Happy place

Desert island discs

Scummy mummies

At home with -

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